Facilitation Skills Workshop


An effective facilitator helps a group accomplish a goal, such as understand or solve a problem, explore opportunities, define requirements, make decisions, or other objectives. The ability to keep the group on task to achieve the goal is the value a good facilitator brings to an organization. The investment in developing facilitation skills is rewarded with increased leadership capabilities, more effective time management in meetings and other group settings, and improved likelihood of achieving team and business goals.


Learn various facilitation techniques, including when and how to use them for best effect.
Develop a structured approach to planning and conducting facilitated sessions.
Practice applying facilitation concepts and best practices.

Course Outline:

1 – Facilitation Fundamentals
Facilitation overview
Facilitation Top 10
The facilitation process
2 – Starting the Session
Understanding session context
Session roles and responsibilities
Importance of introductions
Session 1: Introductions
Ground rules
Getting to consensus
Session 2: Ground Rules
3 – Guiding the Session
Team dynamics
Meeting the team where it is at
Managing session time
Managing self
Session 3: Characteristics of Good Facilitators
Energizers and ice breakers
Session 4: Favorite Energizers
Difficult people situations
Session 5: Addressing difficult people situations
4 – Closing the Session
Session review
Session 6: Session review

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