Strategic Business Analysis


Strategy analysis identifies the business needs (problem or opportunities) of tactical or strategic importance to the organization and supports the organization in responding to those needs. It provides the focus upon which all other business analyst efforts must align. Shortcutting strategy analysis often results in delivering solutions that are misaligned to the organization’s strategy and to the expectations and needs of the business. This course will help you understand the criticality of defining the business need correctly and pursuing a thorough analysis of the internal and external environments of the enterprise before assisting the organization in selecting the best solution. You will also learn the key activities needed in strategy analysis, the key components in building and communicating a strong business case and how to evaluate the value of the solution once it is implemented.

To help assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and team exercises throughout the course. Students will need to be prepared for a high level of participation. Each participant will receive a comprehensive student guide complete with examples, handouts and a business case template that can be used back on the job.

Note: This course has been approved by PMI for 14 PDUs and IIBA for 14 CDUs.


Understand what comprises strategy analysis and when and how it is performed
Learn how to see the “big picture” and improve your strategic thinking skills
Increase project success by better defining the business need
Learn how to analyze the current state to provide an understanding of why a change is needed
Determine the set of conditions necessary to meet the business need and to define future state
Identify and recognize how risks influence the viability of solution options
Develop and assess alternative approaches to the change and propose the “best” recommended change strategy
Understand the purpose and importance of a business case, its key components and how to leverage a business case to communicate the viability for pursuing a change to your decision makers
Determine how to evaluate a solution once it is implemented to ensure it meets its expected value

Course Outline:

Strategy Analysis Overview

  • Strategy analysis defined
  • Strategy analysis tasks
  • Strategy analysis and the project life cycle
  • Key competencies needed for strategy analysis

Strategic Thinking

  • Thinking – an introduction
  • Thinking types
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • How to become a strategic thinker
  • Strategic thinking tips and traps
  • Strategic thinking tools and techniques

Analyze the Current State

  • Current state analysis overview
  • Determine the business need
  • Writing a good business need statement
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Current State Assessment considerations
  • Conduct a current state analysis

Define the Future State

  • Future state overview
  • Define business goals and objectives
  • Determine solution scope
  • Identify constraints
  • Additional assessment considerations
  • Determine potential solution value
  • Define the future state

Assess Risks

  • Risk analysis overview
  • Risk analysis and management process
  • Organizational risk tolerance levels
  • Risk tips and techniques
  • Risk response options
  • Identify risks and create a risk register

Define the Change Strategy

  • Change strategy overview
  • Components of a change strategy
  • Finalize solution scope
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Assess enterprise readiness
  • Define a change strategy
  • Determine a transition approach

Develop a Business Case

  • Business case overview
  • Business case components
  • Common mistakes in building a business case
  • Present the business case
  • Develop a mini business case

Evaluate Solution Performance

  • Solution performance evaluation process
  • Measure solution performance
  • Define & analyze solution performance measures
  • Assess solution and enterprise limitations
  • Recommend actions to increase solution value

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