Organizational Communication


This course teaches basic communication terms and organization basics. Students will learn how to communicate effectively, motivate employees, overcome communication barriers, develop leadership habits, understand how communication flows within an organization, develop networks, and identify the roles that individuals fulfill in an organization. Course activities also cover applying technology to organizational communication, discussing innovation and change, examining how environmental context affects communication, and discussion how power and politics affect an organization. Students will also learn how to manage change, stress, conflict, and empower individuals. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.


Course Outline:

1. Communication basics

  • Effective communication
  • Organizational management
  • Organization types and characteristics
  • Communication flow

2. Leadership and motivation

  • Communication and leadership
  • Communication and motivation

3. Relational context and organizations

  • Relational context
  • Relationships and organizations

4. Technology in the workplace

  • Workplace technology
  • Impact of technology
  • Technology guidelines

5. Context, stress, and managerial tools

  • Environmental context
  • Stress and communication

6. Innovation and change

  • Aspects of innovation
  • Aspects of change

7. Power, politics, and diversity

  • Power and communication
  • Diversity and communication
  • Empowerment and communication

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